Basic personal or small group blog or news (80,000 AMD)

These websites are ideal for individual bloggers and small to medium-sized organizations. They provide a platform for individuals or groups to publish posts, share content with others, or update and inform their audience about the latest news and developments. These platforms cater to a wide range of groups, including poets, writers, biographers, small or medium-sized communities such as sports or educational clubs, grassroots movements, news and update-sharing websites with multi-user input, and public portals for community updates and reader engagement

Basic corporate website (120,000 AMD)

Simple corporate websites are designed to cater to small businesses whose primary goal is establishing connections with their customers. These websites provide comprehensive information about the products or services they offer, often including visual aids such as videos or images showcasing the production process from inception to execution. They feature contact forms for convenient communication with the company, display essential contact information, and introduce key personnel in various departments like sales, customer service, or accounting. These websites can also incorporate advanced plugins to enhance effective customer engagement.

Advanced corporate website ( 160,000 AMD)

Advanced corporate websites are tailored for larger enterprises with substantial data, multiple updates, and a need for broader accessibility. These websites cater to a larger audience and often handle sensitive data, necessitating higher-level security measures. They provide mechanisms for customers to access their data or specific information. Advanced marketing strategies are typically integrated into these websites, requiring sophisticated plugins. The design and pages of these websites adhere to higher standards, often aligning with specific branding elements such as color schemes or themes, ensuring that branding or marketing slogans resonate effectively with the audience.

Simple store website ( 150,000 AMD)

Simple e-commerce websites are well-suited for small to medium-sized stores with approximately 20 products or services. These websites do not require frequent updates or the constant generation of new content. Their primary objective is to inform customers about their services and products, as well as facilitate online purchases from customers across various geographical locations. For each product or service, they provide necessary descriptions, inform customers about post-sales services, and outline the delivery process. Their core focus remains on online product sales.

Advanced store website (270,000 AMD)

Large e-commerce websites are tailored for a significant focus on online product sales and boast an extensive range of products. These websites emphasize the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure that products are easily discoverable. They create well-organized and relevant product categories to facilitate customer navigation, enabling them to conveniently browse through a variety of products within different ranges. Typically, customers are encouraged to create accounts and input their data, granting various individuals access to diverse sets of data. Customer loyalty programs are implemented, along with the execution of sales campaigns. These campaigns are orchestrated by the commerce manager, who is responsible for overseeing and generating discount codes when necessary. The homepage or landing page may undergo changes to align with specific occasions. Data protection plays a vital role, necessitating regular backups to prevent site unavailability.

Customer relationship management website,CRM (350,000 AMD)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) websites are typically established to facilitate document submissions or updates from individuals. Likewise, customers can log into their user accounts to stay informed about the progress of their work. These websites require multiple pages to guide customers through form submissions and to create various forms and different flowcharts for displaying work progress.

Other services and descriptions

The cost of hosting and domain will be added to the above services or the customer will provide it

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Advaced Google API

Content creation & marketing

Annual support and maintenance of the website

  1. Advanced Google Services: Depending on your business type or organization, you may require additional services from Google to monitor or maintain your website. Services like Google’s Site Management Console or Google Maps integration can be essential for ensuring smooth website operations. Effective search engine optimization (SEO) services are also crucial to enhance your online visibility and ensure that your website is easily discoverable. Planning content creation for your site based on a well-defined strategy is another fundamental requirement to help potential customers get familiar with your offerings.

  2. Social Media Management: Social media services hold significant importance in today’s digital landscape. Directly connected to your website, these services play a vital role in increasing your online presence and subsequently driving more sales. Crafting social media content should follow a well-thought-out visual design and content strategy to attract and engage users effectively.

  3. Website Monitoring and Security: Regular website monitoring is critical to ensuring that all extensions and pages are functioning correctly. A prolonged downtime can adversely affect your page rank, so it’s essential to maintain uninterrupted website operation. Additionally, safeguarding your website against intruders and malicious bots is a top priority.

These additional services can enhance the functionality, visibility, and security of your website, ultimately leading to better user experiences and more successful online endeavors